"A Cost Cutting Concept In Car Paint Restoration"



" So why use ScratchAway ?"


  • A far superior finish is obtained when the repair is complete (see a list of satisfied car dealerships and a personal reference from the Proprietor, of Wyn Thomas, Jaguar Specialist
  • .

  • I can tackle work that many mobile operatives would     shy away from. For example...silvers and light metallics are well known to be 'bodyshop nightmares' to apply and many mobile operators will understandably shy away from such encounters!

    ScratchAway will not..... if it can be done I will do it - if it can not I will tell you.


  • I operate at a faction of the cost and time of a traditional car body shop

  • Unlike a traditional car body shop, I can most of the time repair your car at the very worst in a day!