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Far and away the region's superior provider of 'SMART'
(Small to Medium Area Refinishing Techniques)
for cars.

In addition to car body scratch repairs and car bumper repairs, all cars collect stone chips. Some can be much worse that others (why is it that so may cars are painted dark over a white primer so even the smallest chips are as clear as day?).

I do not get involved with much chip repair work because to be quite honest people get the impression that the chips after treatment are going to vanish  - They don't !

Chip repair work,contrary to belief, is just a disguise that was created mainly for the 'car trade' . Ok, it can make a noticeable difference but it will never ever be more than a disguise !

If you have a few chips (four or five) that need doing, without any corrosion, then I will do them for you but I will not monotonously go round a whole car ... sorry :(  ..... saying that the chips I will do (if they can be done) are like shown below - single large chips.


Typical car stone chip treatment